How? By being the epicenter for anything that matters…. fashion, finance, the arts, the sciences, if it changes the world, odds are it spent some part of its formative years on that 22 by 2 mile strip of land known as “New York”.

Unlike most cities which ebb and flow, NY pulsates constantly with a rhythm all its own … polyrhythms actually… as the fiery Latin that drives “uptown” is augmented by the brass of Broadway and the funk and fusion that keep denizens of “the Village” awake to way past “all hours”.

NY is nocturnal and eternal, it’s the city that never sleeps, yet the fashions, food & drink that were born here served as wake up calls to the world.

Or to put it another way, while what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens in NY stays everywhere (it gets to). NY is “diversity united” a place where people’s differences are what bring them together and, in the process, help keep the city they call “home” from coming apart.

All of which is why when we were looking for inspiration, our search began and ended with NY–because we wanted to create timepieces that would make it there because then we’d know they’d make it anywhere.

NY is the inspired level of detail that defines our Chelsea collection.

NY is the breathtakingly bold mix of classic cool and cutting-edge concept that translates to Tribeca.

NY is sophistication where class has just enough sass to put the ‘Mad” in “Madison”.

NY is a celebration of life off the deep end and as long as you’re going off the deep end be sure you’re wearing something from our Hudson collection.

In short, NY is SO&CO…the brand and that’s set for NY Time 24/7.